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TW Pref #9 - Your Sweet Spot
Max: Max always had a thing for ears. You got used to it and with his fingers touching your ear, it eventually started to feel good. And when you and him got intimate, and his mouth touched your ear lobe, your knees would buck. You'd get a tingle on the side of your head and you'd lean into his touch. Once he figured out that your ear lobe was your sweet spot, he would always touch it and caress it. At the worst times, just to tease you, when he would hug you and his mouth would come into contact with your ear, you would close your eyes and just embrace the feeling.
Tom: One time you were in a pretty heated make out with Tom. Your tongues dancing with each other, hands exploring, and you quickly needed some serious air in your lungs. Separating your mouth from his, you took a deep breath. Though, his lips didn't leave your skin. It trailed across your jaw, down your neck, and to your collar bone. His wet tongue slipped onto your skin and you let out an involuntary moan. Again, you felt the touch of his tongue on your collar bone and the sound that came out of your lips made Tom smirk and remember that spot forever.
Siva: Boy, was it ever fun to make out with Siva. Siva would keep one hand on your waist, and the other playing with your hair and feeling the touch. His soft lips would go across your jaw and you couldn't help but love the feeling and pull him closer to you. He would spend extra time on your jaw, knowing you loved the feeling. He would trail kisses, blow his heavy, sweet smelling breath across it, and give it little licks, with you going absolutely crazy over it.
Jay: Jay and your neck became pretty close with each other once Jay found out your reaction whenever he would come in any close contact with it. When Jay's mouth would give your neck the slightest touch, you would give a groan and you could feel his smirk on your skin. Whenever he would give you hugs, he would dig his face into your neck and tease you. There wasn't a time when you would kiss him and he wouldn't end up giving your neck a kiss leaving you wanting more. Not only that, Jay was a fan of love bites. So any time you guys would get heated, he would give you one on the neck, and you can't control yourself.
Nathan: Nathan loved giving you little kisses anywhere. Kisses on your nose, cheek, temple, lips, neck, and shoulder. Your favourite was when he would give them to you on your shoulder. You would close your eyes and just feel the tingles that would end up flowing through your body. When you got intimate, whenever his lips weren't on yours, they would be on your shoulder.
Y/N: Don't really know how I feel about this. I like the idea but... I think I could have done better? I'll post one for his sweet spot later on.

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